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Ancient Therapy Magnetic Pure Copper Cuffs

Shelley Enterprises Inc. in USA has been manufacturing Pure Copper Cuffs since 1984, making a well known name in Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Pure Copper jewelry industry. Copper is scientifically proven and known for natural healing properties. It is also called ANCIENT THERAPY.

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Pure Copper Cuffs

These bracelets are made from Certified Pure Copper, hand crafted by Artisans from all around the world. Worn since Roman times and are believed to relieve Arthritic & Rheumatic conditions. Being Manufacturer we offer a vast selection of copper cuffs, only top-quality product and competitive pricing.

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Manufacturing since 1984

Natural Healing Jewelry

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About Us

Shelley Mfg. Copper Cuffs USA has been manufacturing Pure Copper Cuffs since 1984. Shelley Enterprises Inc. has its headquarters based in USA as a wholesaler in unisex magnetic pure copper cuffs, men's and women link bracelets, necklaces, anklets and Rings. Our rich pure copper bracelets for men and women are designed to look great at the same time believe to HEAL your body naturally with comfortable fit mainly to wrist 7, 8 and 8.5 inches.
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